Store History

Waynesville, NC TThe Toggery in Downtown Waynesville ca. 1930shis building, located on Main Street in Downtown Waynesville, was built in the 1930s and was called the Toggery. This fine clothier was similar to a Belk's or an Efird's. The floor layout was similar to what you find now at the Mast Store. As you walk in the front door from Main Street, The Toggery had its men's and ladies' departments, along with the shoe department, on the main floor. Where the present day outdoor department is, on the mezzanine, was used as storage.

The Mast Store in Downtown Waynesville, ca. 2003 The offices were located where the current offices are, in the front of the building. To easily exchange information from the office and the sales floor, a pulley system was used to request change, etc.

The Mast Store in Waynesville was the first location outside of the High Country. The building was in the process of being converted into a dance hall before it was purchased and opened in 1991 as a Mast Store.

*Photo courtesy of the Haywood County Public Library History Collection.

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